A Moscow Interlude

4 Jun

Now that the ETAs are finished with their classes, we all have a lot of free time on our hands. Most of us decided to use that time to travel, which explains why I spent the better part of this week in Moscow with three of my fellow Fulbrighters.

Surprisingly, we spent most of our time outside of Moscow. On Tuesday we took a bus to Sergiev Posad, the largest Orthodox monastery in Russia:

View of the monastery

On Wednesday we decided to visit Lenin’s old estate, which is located right outside of the city. The plan was to take a bus to the estate and walk around for a little bit. Of course, our plan did not work out as well as we’d hoped. First, we almost didn’t find the right bus to get to the estate (if someone in Russia says that the bus stop is right next to the metro, what they really mean is that the bus stop is all the way on the other side of the street). When we finally found the bus stop, we accidentally took the wrong bus (a easy mistake to make, since both buses had the same numbers) and were dropped off in the middle of a small Russian neighborhood, with no Lenin museum in sight. We did finally find the estate, after walking through really sketchy forest paths for over an hour.

The estate itself was pretty interesting. It has ton of museums dedicated to Lenin’s life, but because of our forest detour we only got to see two of the museums. I learned a lot more about Lenin than I would have ever wanted, like the fact that he had bad allergies, so the only plants that he kept around were palm trees. Still, it was not a bad way to spend the majority of the day.

Peasants carrying Lenin's body

Lenin's old house

Creepy Lenin museum

Even though I had a lot of fun going to these places, doing the tourist-thing wasn’t my main point in going to Moscow. I was more excited about seeing a few ETAs before we all scatter to parts unknown. I’m going to miss the Fulbright camaraderie when I go home. At least we’ll always have Moscow.

Celebrating--ETA style

Now I’m back in Kaluga, tired, sunburned, and covered in mosquito bites. For the rest of the week I’m going to be cleaning and packing, because I fly home on Tuesday! It’s insane how this whole year-long experience is basically over for me. I almost can’t believe it.


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  1. Artem November 21, 2016 at 11:07 am #

    I’m from Siberia. I’m a tour guide. I’d like to contact you.

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